Monday, November 7, 2011


Welcome to lovlihood, where I blog about the everyday things in my life.

First, a little about myself... officially, I paint portraits and work in vfx/animation. At other points in my life, I have been a development engineer at NASA/JPL and a musician, among other things... I like to say I've had more careers than Barbie! I am also a mother of two- an eight year old boy and 6 year old girl. I dabble in all areas of the arts and lead what I call a "well-curated" life. I love food, travel, art, literature, culture, style, design, photography, technology, making, doing and a certain amount of fluff. I am particularly drawn to what I call "loveliness". I am drawn to lightness and beauty, sweet stories and happy endings, pretty things and nice people. I like to think I see people in their best light and prefer to see the world that way too (though I know that is not the whole truth). All of this informs my artwork as well as my daily life. With so many interests and activities though, I like to keep things simple, practical and beautiful.

So, my blog! Its a chronicle of my daily doings-

1. Food: the food I cook to nourish my family. I love all food, but leave the gourmet cooking to others. Weston Price and Michael Pollan are my heroes and I read way too many books about food and nutrition. So, here you will find simple, quick, nutritious and usually traditional recipes that I feed my family. I don't have time in my life to get complex with cooking, so if you see it here, its probably quick and easy.

2. Kids & Crafts: having children turned my world upside down. As with everything I do, I jumped in head-first and stayed in the deep end. I would say I'm a (moderately) crunchy, hippie mama with a little rock n roll on the side. I am excited by what the information age is doing for parenting and the wealth of resources that are available to me. Serious stuff aside, there is also so much fun to be had and I love activities and crafts with my kids. So I share some of those here. Again, I am way too busy to get really elaborate, so what you find here will be simple and sweet.

3. Trips & Travel: next to eating, traveling is my favorite activity. I love to explore new places, the architecture, the landscape, the way people talk, dress, act.. the food!... Whether its a day trip, or a long holiday, I just love to get away.

4. Home & DIY: the space in which I live and work is so crucially important to my state of mind. Light is the most important thing and after that I like to surround myself with pretty things (preferably if they also serve a purpose). I consider my style to be practical and eclectic, favoring flea market finds and Ikea hacks. As the daughter of an antiques dealer, I grew up surrounded by history and patina, whilst my mother's resourcefulness and sense of style imprinted on me early on. I live and work in a small space, that I share with my family. As an artist on a budget, with a very handy husband, there is a lot of DIY activity in our household.

5. Art & Culture: In my own practice and in the work of others that resonates with me, I am once again drawn to "loveliness." I like the decorative arts and illustration better than most of the work you'll find at art basel. I like lovely little works on paper that I can actually own and put on my wall. I do like to go and see what other people are doing and installing, but I have a general distaste for a lot of what is going on in contemporary art. It's really the opposite of lovely. I love dreamy music and classical ballet. Contemporary dance and costume dramas. Lovely things! So, I just plan to share stuff I like, in case you share my aesthetic sense.

6. Style & Design: Though I generally prefer to "do" things than "have" things, I am really drawn to design in the things I do have around me. Fashion was one of my first loves and as I child I had planned to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Though I would not consider myself a mad fashionista, what I do wear is usually carefully considered (and usually grey!) That said, I LOVE nothing more than checking out those who are mad fashionistas. I also love furniture, gadgets, interiors, basically everything that is made with an eye to design.

7. Technology: I am so excited to be alive during the information age. I love gadgets, apps & sites that make my voracious appetite for information and efficiency more and more accessible. I utilize technology very heavily in my art and my work (vfx!) With so many interests and activities (I like to consider myself more of a renaissance woman than a dilettante) to juggle, I rely heavily on technology to streamline and elevate my processes. So, here I will share the things I am loving and coveting.

So there you have it. I will write about my daily doings and the things I like and maybe you'll join me in my appreciation of "lovlihood."