Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drum roll please... We are moving to Ireland!

Yes, you read that correctly. We are moving to Ireland! Dublin to be specific. DH has accepted a job offer from Brown Bag Films in Dublin and I have family that I would like to see more of. So we have decided to pack it in stateside and see what it's like across the pond.

I originally left Ireland in 1982, right before I turned 9. So I will be returning almost 32 years after I originally left. I also lived there in 1986/7 and have returned for many vacations since then but Ireland has changed a lot since I have lived there (and obviously so have I). The kids have had many visits and though DH is American, he has developed a great fondness for Ireland since visiting with me. So, we are not moving to somewhere unfamiliar to any of us, but its an adventure all the same.

Our house has been on the market now for over a week. In the last couple of months we have been manically prepping our house to sell and trying to whittle our possessions down to a more minimal and manageable lot. (We had started this process even before DH got the job offer, as it had started to finally look like a good time to put the house on the market.) Anyway, this has not been an easy task! We have accumulated an inordinate amount of stuff in our not so short (anymore) lifespans. So, with an impending international move and the prospect of tighter quarters on the other end, we have been forced to do what we have been intending to do for many years. Purge!

There are a lot of factors to sort out with any move. Even more with an international one. Not just getting rid of a house, three cars and a ton of stuff. Things like- we have a dog, Pepper, who we are planning to bring with us. We have two kids who will need to go to school in Ireland. DH needs a work visa as I am planning to let him travel ahead of me so that I can take care of so many things on this end. Luckily, I can work on my art and music from anywhere, but I do need to figure out what to bring and what not to bring. Every day is a plethora of details to barrel through in between getting out of the house (with the dog) so that people can view the premises. Though I only updated my blog occasionally before this, I hope to be more diligent about posting now that I have this adventure to chronicle.

Let the adventure begin!

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