Sunday, October 27, 2013

half way there

At 5am this morning I drove DH to LAX, where he caught his flight to Dublin. He will start work at Brown Bag Films on Tuesday. He will be staying with my dad until I arrive with the kids. We will be leaving Los Angeles on December 18. That is less than two months away. There is so much to be done before we leave that I am feeling a bit queasy. The most important thing is to sell our house, of course. Once that is done, everything else will fall into place. So if you know anyone in L.A. looking to buy a house, send them our way. We have an amazingly beautiful old house, with incredible views, lots of space- 4 bedrooms, 2800 square feet, plus a 1200 square foot apartment. Its on a quarter acre lot, with a vegetable garden, play structure and chickens!
In the meantime, I still have to deal with the contents and though we have been constantly purging, the house is frankly still full. Yay! Luckily DH's vintage video game collection will be going to a video game museum, so that takes care of that. But, all of the little bits and pieces that are still there when you think you have tackled everything have to be taken care of.
I had hoped that I would just spend the next two months painting and writing some music til we leave. I've been waiting 8 years to actually have some real time to devote intensely to my work. Both kids are now in school full time and I have been looking forward to this day for what seems like eternity. With the amount of stuff left here to deal with though, my work may be put on hold yet again. I have two paintings in progress that I want to finish and two paintings that I have not yet started, but would like to both start and finish. Even if I had nothing else on my plate, that's a lot for me to try and accomplish in less than two months. Here's hoping that I can learn to function on less sleep. Ha!

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