Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pros and cons of moving to Ireland

This morning while taking a shower, I was musing about the things I will miss and things I might like, when we move to Ireland. This came about in the shower because I was appreciating the power of our water pressure. I love a nice strong shower and in most likelihood, that is going to be something I will miss. I do not understand what is up with the showers (that I have experienced) in Ireland, but they just don't have the pressure that we do here. It can't be about conserving water. It rains 20 out of every 30 days for crying out loud! We live in a dessert here in L.A. and the water pressure is amazing. If its the mechanics, I don't understand why they have to be so different there.
However, I will gladly take the measly water pressure, in exchange for my sunblock and sunhat collection. Yep. I hate the sun. I hate having to lather my super-pale kids (or myself) up with sunblock. Not only do the chemicals in sunblock scare me and I don't want to put it on my kids, but they hate it and resist any vigilant effort I make. These are battles I have no desire to have. Hats don't fare much better with the kids. In general, I opt for clothing coverage over sunblock anyway, but there are often long, sunny days at the beach or in a pool where sunblock is necessary and I always seem to miss a spot. Anyway, I'm glad that I won't have to worry about sunblock or hats nearly as much. I also really hate the heat. I know most people don't think of moving to Ireland for the weather, nor to escape the perpetual California sunshine, but that's me. Bring on the rain!
There are many other things I am looking forward to. The ability to travel so easily around Europe, for instance. That is probably the most exciting part. I can't wait for all the weekend getaways we have ahead of us. Both inside and out of Ireland. Especially to share these travels with the kids. I love boots and sweaters and tights and coats. Govinda's aside, I am sick of trying to find light clothing that gives me complete coverage. (Did you read my post about “shopping at Govinda's”?) I like that the fish we will eat might be more likely to come from the Atlantic than the Pacific (I know I am a little neurotic about nutrition, but I do worry about the radiation from the Fukushima disaster.) I know my fantasies about local, grass-fed meat and dairy are probably not totally aligned with the current reality in Ireland (horse meat anyone?), but I do hope that with my usual level of diligence, I have a better chance of sourcing healthier food for my family. I love watching "Clodagh's Food Trails" on PBS and want to visit each place they feature. There is also the topic of school/airport/wherever shootings. I don't think I will have as much to worry about in that department! I don't care what your position is on the the topic of guns and gun control, I just won't have to deal with that in Ireland and I couldn't be happier. I like the architecture and the scenery. I have friends and family who I would like to see more of. So, lots of pros!
What will I miss about L.A.? Well, obviously not the weather. (Though who knows, absence may make the heart grow fonder.) The thing I am most conscious of missing at this point is the people. Both generally and specifically.
Generally, I love the friendliness, positive attitude and supportiveness that I encounter here in Los Angeles. Whatever crazy idea you have, at whatever point in your life, people will cheer you on, help you out and totally root for you (and not just to your face)! If you achieve success in something, people will be happy for you, genuinely! This is a place that people with ambitions and dreams move to, from all over. Though instead of a dog eat dog world, we're all in it together. I may hate the sun, but I love the collectively sunny disposition that I associate with Los Angelenos.
Along with this positive attitude and supportiveness, people here seem more inclined to be straightforward and honest too. Even if the news is not good. I happen to love this. I love knowing where I stand with someone. Of course, I am all for politeness, but not when it requires two faces.
Specifically though, I will miss my community and circle of friends. From those who I see way too infrequently, to those I am lucky to see every day. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of people who I think are phenomenal, whose company I thoroughly enjoy, whose values I respect and who I am really glad to know. Los Angeles is a place that attracts that wonderful set of ambitious, creative dreamers and doers. People who are so alive in their doings and positive in their attitudes, and I count many of them as my good friends. Though I have some wonderful friends I cherish in Ireland and I am sure I will make many more in the time to come, I will really, really miss my circle here. I hope we get some visitors once we are settled.

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