Thursday, November 28, 2013

We are in escrow!

Today is Thanksgiving. I am really, really thankful that we will hopefully have no more viewings or open houses.

This morning we accepted an offer on the house and are now officially in escrow!That means the countdown begins. The next 14 days will be filled with inspections and if all goes well, contingencies will clear. I now have 30 days completely pack up this house, and sell off whatever we are not bringing to Ireland. We are not bringing much though. Most rentals are furnished, and DH is actively looking for a rental for us. We don't have long term plans at this point and are looking forward to being untethered, so we are paring our "stuff" down to the bare minimum (with kids, its still quite a bit though.)

With 30 days to pack and sell, I have decided to change my flight from Dec 18 until after Christmas, that way DH can come back for Christmas and help me with some of this daunting process. Seeing as he left a lot of stuff in the garage and attic when he left, I am very relieved that he is coming back. It may mean having our Christmas dinner picnic style, sitting on the floor but I am really looking forward to this holiday none-the-less.

Today, however, we will be eating at the dining room table! This is very exciting. It has been "staged" for the last 2 months, in order to optimize viewings. Though, we are having a very uncomplicated, mellow, lazy day at home, we will pour some sparkling cider into the "fancy" glasses and toast to adventures ahead.

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