Friday, December 27, 2013

3 days and counting

We leave in 3 days. This morning as DH was talking to the people at Uhaul about our international move, they drop the bomb- oh you need to have each of your boxes numbered and a complete inventory of all the contents of each box. What???? We have been packing for four months and some boxes are just labeled "kitchen" or something general like that. Apparently, that is not even close to sufficient. Nor is it allowed to write "nik naks". Ugh. So, now we have to unpack and repack with a running inventory.

We had also originally planned to bring 2 Uboxes, but have decided that since we packed up a load of stuff months ago and are living just fine without it, we can probably get rid of most of what we already packed and just go with one box. When we originally packed, we had no idea what kind of living situation we would be going to, had no idea how much (or little) our house would actually be selling for. We did not know our new place would be furnished (even if I don't want the furniture that is in there.) With so much in limbo, it was hard to judge what we would and wouldn't need. Now that we know what we are going to, its easier to gauge and decide. So we actually feel we need even less than the little we originally thought.

So, we are whittling the contents of our overstuffed 3000 sq ft house (and two car garage, and crazy big attic) down to fit into a 5'x8'x8' box:

As has been the case for the last 4 months, no matter how much emptying I do, our house still feels full and I have 2 days to get it empty. Arghh. On top of that, I have just discovered after a long crazy day of USDA visits, errands and packing that the wine opener is packed. Double Ugh.

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