Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve, new beginning.

We arrived in Dublin this morning at 9am. Our arrival was much smoother than our departure from Los Angeles. The flight was the smoothest, least turbulent flight we've ever had. As the kids get older, they are definitely getting easier and easier to fly with. Our 9 monstrous bags (including one bike box) actually fit onto two baggage carts and into the back of my dad's commercial compact SUV. We picked up our rental station wagon very quickly and were soon across town and unlocking the door to our new home. The house was remarkably warm considering the heat had not been on for two weeks. Of course, the photos online definitely made the rooms seem bigger, but the house is lovely and cozy and perfect for us and our current needs. The kids were excited because they knew Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa were awaiting them (we strategically planned to have these waiting, knowing they were special and big and would keep them occupied the whole day. These big lego sets would also have been hard to pack if they were already built). I was excited because the location is AMAZING!  My dad met us at the airport and had already picked up some brown bread, tea and sausages. So the day was off to a great start.

The stress of the last few hours, few days, few weeks, few months (few years) already felt quite far behind us. (Though I can't shake the guilt about all that I left for my mom to deal with and clean up because we were not on the ball enough to have it together before leaving.) The amount of "stuff" we had to abandon, even though we thought we had whittled it all down to 5'x5'x8' was quickly becoming "what stuff?" 

Note* I didn't have time in the last frantic few hours to post about DH arriving at Uhaul, 3 hours behind schedule, with our carefully curated Ubox only to be told it was over weight capacity, WAY over weight capacity. So, he had to completely unpack the Ubox, that we had spent 4 days carefully packing and open box after box to see what could be eliminated. First to go were all of our books (what? NO books?????) because they are so heavy, and then some furniture. During this time, the kids were on the verge of major dys-regulation from boredom, hunger, frustration, nerves, etc...  and I was ready to join them. So we headed out to find food and to buy some extra luggage because it was becoming very apparent that what we were planning to take on the plane was also exceeding our current baggage capacity. A trip to Target with two unraveling children, and one over-extended mommy is not a fun time. So when DH and I got back to the house after our separate ordeals, we jammed what we could as quickly as possible into the 9 bags we had now allocated and again had to whittle our "stuff." (Even accidentally leaving "essential" items behind). We made it to our hotel, again with the help of my mom and brother-in-law, after delivering our two cars to their new home. Seven hours later it was time to wake up and make our way to Dublin (via Chicago).

Picking up Pepper (our dog, who is joining us in Ireland. You can read about that ordeal here) was relatively easy, considering.... Even though we had previously been told to pick her up after 2pm at the Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital in Swords (about a half hour drive from our new home), we received a call at 12:15pm saying that the facility was closing in 15 minutes because its New Year's Eve and "were we coming to get Pepper?" DH turned on the charm (for those of you who know DH, you might be as amused as I am) and we jumped in the car and drove as quickly as possible towards the hospital, though we had no Euros to pay the tolls on the bridge and through the tunnel (*NOTE: don't arrive in Ireland with no Euros!) But we made it, albeit a little past closing, and the lovely people at Lissenhall turned a vociferously whimpering Pepper over to my tardy charge.

The afternoon was lovely. The kids built lego, I had a much needed nap. Pepper snuggled up to each one of us in succession. We walked to a local gastro pub called The Chop House and had a nice dinner. My dad arrived again with libations and housewarming gifts. DH crashed, the kids kept building and I am blogging before we all turn into bed to face a new year, in our new home with so many new adventures waiting for us all. Bring it on!


  1. Wishing you all a stress free life in your new home! Happy New Year!

  2. Glad the second part was a lot easier. I miss Pepper's nightly visit. The house is slowly coming together. By next week it will be fine.