Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our last night in this house

Tonight is our last night in this house. We have been here 6 and a half years and I am very happy to be leaving. Its a beautiful house, but it has not been good for me. As my BFF (yep, I just used that abbreviation) Nicole says, "it's like the beautiful dress in your closet that you never want to wear because its not comfortable." Such an astute observation. This house was not comfortable for me. I am not happy to be leaving the wonderful friends that I have here in Los Angeles, but I am hoping (assuming!!!) they are going to come and visit us in Ireland and we are going to show them all that we love about being there. We are also excited about meeting up with anyone who travels to Europe. My fantasies may exceed our budget (surprise, surprise), but one can aspire (I do not say dream), right? RyanAir, we are there!

Our goal is to eventually find a cottage down the country, where we can escape the city on weekends/during the summer and spend some wonderful times with visiting friends and family. I am even excited about exploring the diverse countryside in hopes of finding that hidden gem. That will be part of the fun- exploring Ireland to find where we might actually put down a permanent (gasp!) base.

This week has been insane and I was having the most intense heart palpitations yesterday morning. I have been continuously emptying this house for the past 4 months and yesterday morning it still felt full. There has also been the issue of Pepper's travel. In order for Pepper to travel to Ireland, I was at the vet on Monday for health clearance and paperwork, a one hour drive and 2 hour wait at the USDA on Tuesday (where they turned me away, because the vet on Monday had not filled out my paperwork correctly). Back to the vet on Tuesday, to get the papers fixed. But could not return to USDA til Thursday because they close at 11am EVERY day, and were obviously not open on Christmas day. Back to the USDA on Thursday, with success. YAY! Then vet again on Friday for deworming. Pepper gets picked up at 9am tomorrow morning, by her driver! She will go to the airport for check-in and fly to Frankfurt. She arrives there on Monday. She will stay overnight in Frankfurt, be allowed out of her cage and then fly to Dublin on Tuesday, where we will pick her up after she has gone through customs in Ireland. I feel horrible for her, because I can not explain what is about to happen and I think this will be quite traumatic.

So, all of that dog travel stuff accompanied trying to empty the house, pack up what we consider essential AND the holidays with the kids off school. Yeah, I think I lost a few hours off my life yesterday morning. Sitting at the vet, I was fielding texts from craigslist about furniture "oh, uh, I am interested in your furniture, but I forget what piece it is, can you send me a photo, and how much is it?" and the emails from the people who had arranged to come and get something, saying they weren't coming and realizing that I don't have the time to go back through all the emails about that particular piece to find the next in line, but my house is full of furniture and it needs to go. Anyway, its been a stressful few days AND our house still feels full- though most of the furniture is finally gone. Phew. I think we have almost filled our 5'x8'x8' container with the stuff we consider most essential- for instance, my paintings. Oh did I mention that I finished a portrait this week too? Here is is:

Tomorrow we leave a big mess for my poor mom, who has been battling the flu for two weeks to deal with. She is her usual helpful self- never a complaint! There is lots of junk left, to be hauled away and much to coordinate and I know its in good hands. I couldn't be happier to be finally leaving this all behind and moving on, though its so  hard to say good-bye to so many wonderful people.

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