Tuesday, December 10, 2013

our new home awaits

Today, DH signed a lease. I am elated. A big part of my elation is relief. I was very, very worried. We had a few things working against us. Firstly, the school that we will be sending our kids to (one which I am VERY excited about) is in a rather expensive part of town. Dublin is already expensive, without choosing the expensive part of town. But, we really, really want to be able to walk the kids to school. We are leaving Los Angeles, where you generally have to drive to everything (and I also picked a charter school across town.) So, we want to be able to walk to as much as possible, especially the place we have to go to twice a day.

Our second difficulty is that we are bringing our dog. (You can read more about part of that hurdle here.) That leaves very slim pickings as far as rentals are concerned. My dad warned me of the difficulties and we knew what we were getting into, but the kids are so attached to our dog. We feel the move is enough of a change. The dog is their living security blanket and we couldn't imagine putting them through this move and losing the dog as well. So, we have been scouring daft.ie daily. Of all the rental sites servicing Dublin, this site has a filter for "Pets allowed." So, DH has been viewing all of the places within walking distance that also show up in "Pet's allowed"  and of course, within our budget. They are expensive and TINY!!!! Mostly they are apartments, but some houses (they are not detached, so they are more like townhouses or row houses.) They may say 2 bedroom, but you have to realize that most houses in Dublin have what is called a "box room." This is a bedroom that's just slightly bigger than a single bed. So, 2 bedroom might sound big, but if the 2 kids are going in a box room, a bunk is mandatory and it is tight quarters! And don't let me start on the kitchens in these advertised spaces, in this part of town!!! If you can call them kitchens. They are tiny corners of the living room that have a stove and a sink, what you would see in a "bachelor" apartment here in Los Angeles. No room for my bone broth and pickle pot that's for sure. I know I should not be complaining, these residences are not designed for families. They are really for the well heeled, working professionals (who probably eat out every night). But, we want in!

After losing out on a house that we really, really wanted, we were feeling a little dejected and worried. So today, DH went to look at a house (a townhouse) that is a 5 minute walk from the school. Its small, VERY small, but not tiny. It has two bedrooms, each with a double bed though! The kitchen is more than a corner of the living room. It is it's own separate room, with quite a bit of counter space. AND this house was within our budget. This house did not show up under the "pets allowed" filter, so I was not optimistic. Then I received the text!!! They were OK with our dog and DH was signing the lease. I have not felt so light and jubilant in a LONG time. We have a new home!

It may be small, but I am excited about all that it entails (I just want to figure out how to get the "furnished" furniture out and something that I choose in.) It is in a part of town that is not only convenient to school, but walkable to the city center and so many places that I will want to go. Its a really beautiful part of town. I like that minimalism will be enforced (by necessity, not by me). There is no other option. Giant toys and excessive materialism will not fit. We need to learn a simplicity that has been seriously lacking for the last 10 years. Its kind of the opposite of what we have now- a big, complicated space in a not so great locale. I am excited about this tiny, simple space in a great locale (that includes our dog). Yay.

Now, we just need contingencies to lift this week and I will really be breathing a huge sigh of relief.

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