Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ask a simple question, and...

I have often been amused by certain members (yes plural, not anyone in particular) of my family, who when asked a simple question (possibly even one which you would think just warrants a yes/no answer) manage to convolute the simple into a meandering treatise on their day or their musings or whatever. When they are done, you are not even sure the question has been answered or at least you are not smart enough to parse the particulars and squeeze out the pertinant information. For all I know, I may actually unknowingly do this too. Hmmm. Well I am starting to realize that this might actually be a cultural thing and not limited to my relations (who are not necessarily even related to eachother, except indirectly through someone's marriage.)

The revelation started because my son has been asking to play laser tag and would love to have a laser tag birthday party. Seeing as our new dwellings are very small and birthdays are approaching, I decided to see if there were any laser tag places nearby. I found a website that seemed to be for a laser tag venue. When I clicked on the "where to play" button, instead of a simple list of locations, this is what I find:

"There are currently 9 centres of varying Quasar formats across the country. This consists of one original Quasar location, the Leisureplex Quasar Elite locations, and the Q2000 Leisureworld centres.

The first original Quasar centre in Ireland was opened in the Dundrum Bowl in 1989. However, this arena was destroyed in a flood in 1993. By this time, however, more centres had opened up in Leisureplex Coolock, Leisureplex Cork, and Sportsbowl Tallaght (which would later be bought by Leisureplex), and in Bray. The Bray centre closed down in the mid 90s, and while the Leisureplex centres (the 3 above, plus Stillorgan and Blanchardstown) are still open today, they are now using the newer Quasar Elite equipment. The 3 Q2000 centres were opened in the late 90s, with the updated version of the original Quasar game."

(You can go to the actual website to see for yourself: Quasar Ireland)

So, am I as feeble-minded as I sometimes think I am, because I find this to be a riddle? There really is a much simpler answer to the question "Where to Play", right? I may not find most comedies funny, but I find this downright hilarious. This is like asking certain members of my family where to play lasertag and you get a response like... "Funny you should ask, because the other day I was talking to a friend who I knew when I was a little kid and one time I had to take my friend to the beach, and when we were there we met this man who was telling us that he had been to such and such place and while he was there...." and so on and so on and then 20 minutes later, you don't remember what question you asked and so have no idea if somewhere in that ramble it has been answered.

I meet so many people here, much older than myself, who I think are so very sharp and quick and now I wonder if that's because they have spent a lifetime solving mind-bending riddles everytime they ask a question. They may just want to find out where to play laser tag, but they get the added bonus of mensa-level word problems to keep them astute in response. Even the .ie web content editors are on board with supplying the necessary mental exercises. I feel like I have always pretended to be smart, maybe now I actually will be and then I might figure out how to find a laser tag venue that hasn't burned down..

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