Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Banking blues and how-do-ya-dos

Escrow has finally closed on our house in Los Angeles. We are very happy the whole ordeal is finished and we can move on with our new life here in Ireland.

Banking has been such a nightmare though. We have been trying to make a transfer from our US bank and they use a verification system that sends a code by text to your mobile phone. The caveat is that the mobile phone has to be a US number. We have ported our US numbers, but the process is not immediate, so we can't get the code. Arghh. I have called the phone number that the bank website says I am to use when calling from Ireland and I get a message saying that "this call is not allowed from your area" or something nonsensical like that. Double argh. We have tried using Paypal. Paypal makes an initial deposit to the Irish account of $1.50 with a code in the description, which you have to then input in order for the rest to transfer. Only, the descriptions don't appear in the Irish account for at least a couple of weeks. Triple Arghhh! We are just trying to get enough money over here so that we can buy a car and some furniture and it is proving to be really hard.

So, today I decided to withdraw some money from my US account at an ATM machine and deposit it into my Irish account. Just a small amount as a buffer. I was able to withdraw money from the ATM outside the bank, but I could not see any way to deposit, so I left and went back when the actual bank opened. I went into the bank and asked where to make a deposit and was directed to a set of machines. I went to the first one and put in my card and could not for the life of me see how to make a deposit. There was a line of people waiting behind me, so I stepped away and went back to the person at the window and told them that I just could not figure it out. (I'm sure that to them I am just a total idiot!)

The very kind gentleman said he would walk me through it. (Does it make any sense that I would feel less stupid if I had put on some smart clothes and wasn't in my grubby work-out gear with unwashed hair? Why is that?) So, anyway, he walks me over to the set of machines and one has a sign above it that says "Lodgements" and he says I should use that one. I put in my card and two options appear, "cash lodgements" and "cheque lodgements." Would you know that "lodgements" is the word for "deposits?" He walks me through the rest of the very basic process and I get my money "lodged" in my account and then I am asked if I want an "advice slip." A what? That's a receipt to us. I think I needed advice more. Who knew?

Oh, well, hopefully one day we can get this money thing sorted and we can get some furniture and a car. Though I am LOVING walking, sometimes for some errands, especially when you are just getting set up, a car would make things SO much easier.

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