Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grocery Shopping (finally some photos)

Going grocery shopping in a new or foreign country is one of my favorite activities. Ireland is not really new or foreign to me, but I still don't regularly grocery shop here. So, my first grocery shopping trip is definitely exciting. I just love to walk each aisle and ogle all of the fare. Even if its stuff I don't buy. I generally try not to buy too many things with labels and packaging (I stick with mostly vegetables, fruit, meat and fish) but I love to look at all the labels, packages and expensive marketing when I am in a new place. I am even way more tempted to buy these things, because I love, love, love trying new food. I would also generally avoid the baked goods at home, but I love to look at the freshly baked breads and pastries in a new locale.

I also usually do most of my food shopping at a Farmer's Market and I definitely plan to start exploring the locale markets here quite soon, but this particular trip was to my closest Superquinn (a pretty standard supermarket.) Seeing as escrow has not yet closed (ugh), we have not yet bought a car. We don't really need one as we are very centrally located, but we will still get one for the occasional errand and for the more important road trips we plan to take. The closest Superquinn is about a 25 minute walk from our house, so I set out on foot with the new shopping trolley that I bought at Ikea (click to read about that trip) last weekend.

It was a lovely walk, mostly along the canal to the supermarket.

Once at the supermarket, I had to insert a Euro coin into the shopping cart, in order to detach it from the other carts. I could only remove my coin once I had re-attached my cart at the end of my shopping trip. (No abandoning carts in the parking lot here, unless you want to lose your euro- a very efficient way of making sure carts are put back where you got them)

The shopping cart also has a nifty hook for my shopping trolley on the front.

I didn't take any photos of food on this trip, as I realized at this point that I needed to hurry in order to shop and get back in time to pick up the kids from school. Will share some fun foods and packaging another time....

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