Saturday, January 4, 2014

Out of Ikea in a little less than 8 hours

Yes, folks, you read that correctly. Today, we made it out of Ikea in just under 8 hours, with only 2 meals and one snack in their cafeteria.  Listen up, you can too.

For illustration purposes, I will recount our day:

DH set his phone alarm for 7:30am. During the night we played our usual musical beds: DH and I started out the night in our room. Then in the middle of the night one comes in and so there are three in the bed. Then the next one plus the dog come in, and that is too much (its even too much back in L.A. where we had a king size bed, but the bed here is just a double), so DH moves to the kids room (either with the second kid, or alone and leaving me with both plus dog.) So, when DH's alarm goes off, he was not there to hear it. I heard it, but it sounded like lovely birds chirping and I dozed in and out of sleep listening to the lovely birds, waiting for the alarm to go off. The sun rises here at 8:39am, so it was around that time that I realized we should wake up. We had hoped to get to Ikea by 9:30am for their opening time and Ikea is about 30 minutes from us. We jumped up, got the groggy kids up and jumped in the car.

We made it to Ikea at about 9:40am and took the kids to the cafeteria to have some breakfast. After breakfast, we headed down to Smaland, so the kids could play while we shopped. We deliriously thought we could get everything done while they were playing there. When we got to smaland, they told us the next session started at 11:00 and we would need to pick them up by 11:40. So, we waited with them for smaland and then rushed off to look for all the things we needed. *Note, I had spent almost two days measuring walls and closets and nooks in our little house. Then perusing the Ikea website with my numbers logged, plotting what we could fit where, in order to fit our whittled down stuff, which was now seeming like a lot in our new micro space. I had a very concise list.

We got through about a quarter of Ikea, when DH got a semi-snarky call from Smaland to say we were supposed to pick the kids up 5 minutes ago. We rushed down there, got the kids and they wanted a snack. So back to the cafeteria at noon, with a long line. After the snack, we got through the rest of Ikea, but realized we had missed the closet section, which DH needed to visit in order to pick out some extra Pax wardrobes for our bedroom. Then the kids were hungry again, it was 2pm and we conceded, they needed lunch.

After lunch, we headed to the warehouse section to look for all of the items that we had noted "aisle and location" for. This took quite a while and half of what we wanted was not in stock. We made it to the cashier, with our bulging cart AND bulging flat trolley by 4pm. After ringing up a hefty bill (for clothes pins, and clocks, and shopping trolleys and such, as well as half of the pieces of furniture we wanted) we headed to the "pick up" window, followed by the "arrange delivery" window.

We were passing through the exit a little before 5pm. So, you heard it here folks, we made it out of Ikea in under 8 hours!!! Unfortunately, not everything we wanted was in stock, so we will need to return again. Hopefully, it will not be with children (even though Ikea is very child friendly.) Maybe I will set a world record and get out of Ikea in under 7 hours next time. Stay tuned, you may be amazed folks. How was your day?

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