Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jet-set Produce

Because we have not yet purchased a car, I have been a bit limited in where I do my food shopping. Back in L.A. I went to a farmer's market twice a week. Sundays were either Atwater Village or Hollywood, and Wednesdays were a joyful afternoon with friends at the Altadena market. All year long, I could get a great variety of locally sourced fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. I would supplement my market shopping with trips to Trader Joes and Whole Foods as well as online purchases from Amazon and occasionally US Wellness Meats.

I have been checking out a few Farmer's Markets here and so far, the Sunday morning market in Dun Laoghaire is my favorite. Lots of great, locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meats. As well as a nice variety of cooked foods to try. Its definitely a fun Sunday outing and I have been tagging along with my Dad on many a Sunday as he frequents this market too. But, I definitely need a car or a ride to get out there. I have not yet found a good mid-week market, but I will keep looking, as I prefer to buy produce and meat twice a week. The mid week markets that I have found so far are "lunchtime markets" that have a lot of booths serving cooked food. They are surely fun to visit, but don't meet my food shopping needs.

So, I have been buying most of my food from the conventional grocery stores Superquinn and Tesco (metro) along with a small supplement of specialty items from the fabulous, but pricey Donnybrook Fair. Just like in Los Angeles, most of the produce at the conventional grocery store is not locally sourced (and probably not organic). I find it fascinating to see all of the "exotic" places that my produce has been sourced from:

Snap Peas from Guatemala and Green Beans from Kenya
Grapes from South Africa
Blackberries from Mexico
Raspberries from Morocco

Bell Peppers from Spain
Butternut Squash from Spain
Bananas from Belize
Only my onions, brussel sprouts and apples were from Ireland:

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