Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So, yes our new house is quite small, but not everyone has a small house here. There are some very grand, large houses in our neighborhood and houses out in the subburbs are also generally a lot larger than ours. But, even in those larger houses people seem to have very small fridges. Here is a photo of the fridge that came with our house:

I had a fridge that size in Los Angeles too, but it was only for wine! There is no freezer in this little fridge (or wine unfortunately), so you have to get a seperate freezer, which is usually the same size and shape as the fridge. I was a little worried about this little fridge situation at first (and DH was VERY concerned.) We looked at fridges in the stores (places like Harvey Norman ) and most fridges and freezers were just like ours. That's the norm. They did have a combo freezer/fridge, but it didn't really get you more space it just looked like this little fridge was sitting on top of an identical freezer. Granted it is possible to buy a big fridge/freezer though,  look they even call it an American fridge! We opted to put our little fridge on top of a freezer and put a dryer where the fridge was:

The good thing is they have a lot of shelves and I seem to be managing just fine with the little fridge:

What has really helped is that I now stick things (like sparkling water, beer and wine) outside the back door instead of in the fridge. Its cold out there! 

We are hoping to put in a small bike shed soon and I guess that can double as our drinks fridge. That's WAY bigger than my L.A. wine fridge, so I think the priorities are now in order.

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