Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love/Hate Tuesday- Daffodils and Parked Cars

Except for the clothes that I wear, I am not really a "shades of grey" type person. I usually really like something or really dislike it. Being back in Ireland, I am starting to notice there are definitely things I love and things that I do not.


One thing I am loving right now: Daffodils! We have seasons here and right now Spring seems to have sprung, so there are daffodils EVERYWHERE. Not just in the person-who-likes-to-garden's fancy, covetable yard. No, they are really and truly everywhere. I love walking down any street or through the local square and being inundated with daffodils.


What do I hate??? I really and truly hate that cars can be parked facing any direction. They do not have to face the direction traffic is moving in. It is so stressful. I am getting used to driving over here and I realize now that I use parked cars as a guage as to which side of the street I should be on and they are not conveying this information. When I turn onto a street and see cars on the side I turn onto facing me, I immediately panic. It totally throws me off. So, that is my peeve for this week.

Good thing there are so many daffodils!

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