Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small space design on a budget- kids room

As I've mentioned in other posts, part of moving to Ireland encompassed a choice to downsize. I have been happily embracing this choice and have been enjoying the process of maximizing the use of our 700 square feet, making it a space that I enjoy visually (very important to me) while doing so on a strict budget.

I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (of boxes.) Our little home is starting to come together.

The first room that I chose to tackle, was probably the most challenging- the kids room. My kids each had a room of their own in L.A. and they had WAYYYYY too many toys. Not only were each of their (pretty big) rooms full of toys, but they had toys scattered all over the rest of the house too. We had storage ottomans in the living and family rooms dedicated to coralling toys, and that was not the full extent of it. It was obscene! Very happily, we whittled the toys down to what seemed like a minimum, in order to undertake this move.

That said, they are now sharing a very small room. Not a box room, but close. Also, a room in a home that we rent, so there is not a lot we can do to the space. They still have too many toys as far as I am concerned, but thanks to Ikea, we are trying to give them all a home in their new, teeny, tiny space.

This is what design-on-a-dime for a small space is looking like for our kids' room:

I like this room so much, that sometimes I just come and hang out in here!

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