Thursday, December 18, 2014

Advent Calendar

I love December! I remember how exciting the build-up to Christmas was when I was a child and I love reliving that with my children. Last year, a good friend got me started on making an Activity Advent calendar for the month of December. The month became even more fun. There are lots of beautiful ideas for homemade advent calendars to be found online. You can check out my Christmas Advent Calendar Board on Pinterest for some lovely examples.

I have been really busy this year and last, so I kept it super simple. Last year I clipped paper bags to a ribbon. This year I used brown envelopes and a set of pegs on a string that I found at Tiger (I love that store!)

It is my goal to start including more "giving" activities in our advent, but that didn't happen this year. Its mostly food and crafts. Fancy that! Here's my list (shhh, don't tell the kids!)

1. Open the ottoman, and you shall find.... (a lego advent calendar)
2. While doing your homework, drink hot chocolate with a special topping (marshmallows)
3. Make gingerbread houses
4. Go into town and visit the Christmas Market
5. "Family Movie Night"- Watch Rudolf and eat popcorn
6. Go ice skating!
7. Visit Castletown Market
8. Decorate and send Christmas cards
9. Dress the car up as Rudolf!
10. Dress Pepper (our dog) up in her Santa suit for the walk to school
11. Make new Christmas ornaments for the tree
12. "Family Movie Night"- Watch Miracle on 34th St and drink eggnog
13. Buy a Tree!!!!
14. Make origami ornaments
15. Go for a neighborhood walk to look at Christmas lights
16. Write secret notes to each family member and put them in their stocking
17. Have a picnic dinner by candlelight beside the tree
18. Bake Christmas Cookies
19. "Family Movie Night"- Watch Home Alone 2 ad drink hot apple toddies
20. Make pinecone bird feeders as Christmas present for the birds
21. Make a silly video Christmas card
22. Go to the Panto
23. Have Afternoon Tea
24. Sprinkle Reindeer Food (Magic Sparkling food that lights Santa's way) in the Backyard!

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