Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Haul

What did I get for Christmas this year?

From my daughter I received a pair of earrings. I actually saw these earrings at the RDS Craft and Design fair and LOVED them. They are by a designer called Eily O'Connell. I insisted my husband take her card and fortuitously discovered that her studio is in Smithfield, in the building next door to my hubby's office. How convenient! I fell in love with a lot of the things that I saw in her booth. She had some really beautiful and delicate pieces that she cast from objects found in nature- like these earrings cast from acorns. Her website seems to feature some heavier and darker pieces, but the stuff I was drawn to was light and delicate and really pretty, like little rings cast from tiny berries and these acorn earrings. I'll be keeping an eye on her!

From my husband, I got a beautiful wood plate to use with my opinel knife when we picnic:

and last but not least, a hedgehog brush (from my hedgehog-obsessed son) for my laptop:

Happy Christmas for sure!

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