Sunday, January 4, 2015

Einkorn Crepes

Today was a lazy Sunday morning and I wanted a quick and easy breakfast that also felt like a weekend treat. Last week, the kids tried pancakes (the way they are made here in Ireland) for the first time. In Ireland, pancakes are what would be called crepes in the US. Here they are just called pancakes and they are usually sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar. I remember how much my brother loved these as a kid. The kind of pancakes we eat in the US, thick and floury, are called American pancakes. There is also another style of pancake here, that they eat up North (Northern Ireland, to you non-Irish) which are a bit like American pancakes, but they are sweet and I have usually had them cold with butter and jam spread on them. They remind me of visiting my granny when I was little.

Anyway, today I decided to try my hand at pancakes or crepes. Because I try to minimize the amount of white flour my family eats, I usually go for alternatives to wheat flour. But lately I have been excited about trying Einkorn or Khorasan (ancient wheat varieties) whenever wheat flour is called for. Today's crepes were made with Einkorn and I think they tasted WAY better than regular crepes. My kids devoured them. They were super easy and I will definitely be making these again!

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (makes about 12 crepes)

2 cups einkorn (or regular) flour
4 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup water
1/2 tsp salt
butter or oil for the pan

If you have time, sift the flour. Whisk in the eggs. Add the milk, water and salt and whisk til combined. Heat oil or butter in frying pan. Ladle or pour batter into hot pan (enough to thinly coat the bottom of the pan). Cook til edges are nicely golden and it seems solid enough to flip. Flip the pancake, cook a little bit more and then slide onto a plate. Super quick and easy!

Look at that lovely pancake!

Today we put a little maple syrup and blueberries on our pancakes. (These pancakes seem to need a lot less syrup than American style ones.) If I had a lemon, I would have gone with the traditional lemon and sugar. I will also be experimenting with an easy, homemade, heathier nutella type spread as well as using these for savory wraps. Stay tuned!

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