Monday, April 13, 2015

Knitting: Grey Spring Poncho

While on holiday last week, I was able to catch up on a knitting project that I had started a while back. A friend of mine had given me 3 balls of grey wool that she had leftover from a project. (Everyone knows I love grey!) I was being cheap and decided I wanted to find a project that wouldn't require me to purchase extra wool and I didn't want to pay for a pattern or needles. (Seriously cheap!)

So, I weighed the three balls of wool on my digital kitchen scale and found that I had about 280g of bulky wool. I searched on for a pattern in that range and which used size 15 needles. Mostly I found headbands and gloves, but I also found this lovely Pepper Wrap Poncho

The only glitch was that this pattern used size 15 circular needles! I caved and decided to purchase new needles and give it a go because the poncho looked so cute. Seeing as this is only my second knitting project (third if you consider the teddy bear I knit in third grade/class) I was a little nervous about jumping into circular needles, but it was very intuitive and no problem once I got going. I was more stumped by the YO stitch, but quickly figured it out with the help of youtube.

This poncho is quite comfy and great for throwing over your shoulders as the afternoon turns to evening and the temperatures drop a little. I am not sure I would recommend it for the selfie-obsessed though, as it makes it a little hard to get your arms out very far. That's not a problem for me though!

Friday, April 10, 2015

a weekend in Terryglass, Tipperary

I know, I am way behind on chronicling all of our excursions around Ireland. It is my plan to play catch up very soon (story of my life, I think!) We just got back from a lovely trip that I will write up asap, but for now I want to share a lovely getaway we took a few months ago to Terryglass (on Lough Derg) in County Tipperary.

I have a soft spot for Lough Derg. My dad had a house in the lovely town of Garrykennedy when I was younger. I made some good friends down there and especially love the scenery in that part of Ireland.

I was trolling AirBnB, as I often do, for a nice place to visit and happened on a lovely looking cottage in Terryglass. 

We love old cottages in peaceful, rural locations. Somewhere to escape from the bustle of the city, relax and chill out. We also like to be able to bring our dog along...

This cottage was everything we usually look for and more! Firstly, the cottage was traditional but had all the nice, modern conveniences. It was perfectly clean and outfitted with everything we could need. It was in a nice, tranquil location, not too far from the lake.

The added extras that made it especially great: the sauna!!!! The childrens toys, books and movies that were in one of the bedrooms. The shed full of bikes that we could use. The go-cart!!!

 My kids spent hours riding up and down the country lane on the go-cart.

The play area with a bin full of balls. The fairy door. The swingset. It was a fabulous place to bring kids and that makes for a happy family all around. I also personally appreciated the free-range eggs.

One thing I would like to mention is that there seemed to be 3 or 4 cottages here. No one else was staying in the other cottages while we were visiting. I mention it as it seems like a great place for a group to go to, to have some shared space and also some separate space. I know that if we had friends staying in one of the other cottages, my kids would have had an even better time!

I highly recommend staying in Niall's restored stone cottage in Terryglass.

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