Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Midterm Break at Avon Ri

Once again, I am vowing to catch up on posting about some past trips!

I'll start with the most recent trip, which I took with the kids to Avon Ri Lakeshore Resort and Adventure Center. Avon Ri is located on the shores of Lake Blessington in County Wicklow, 31km southwest of where we live in Dublin.

The playground.

This was our second trip to Avon Ri. We went last Easter for 5 nights after I found an amazing deal on Groupon. I had hoped to return for Easter this year, but it was all booked out by the time I called. Boo. Seeing as the kids seem to have an inordinate amount of time off of school this year however(2.5 weeks at Easter, a full week midterm break in February, another full week in May, and a June bank holiday weekend) I decided to book 4 nights over the February midterm.

(the zipline treehouse on the left)

Last year, over Easter, the weather was spectacular and the place was buzzing with activity. The kids said it was their favorite holiday ever. We rode bikes along the 6km lakeside greenway to Russborough House, explored their "Fairy Trail", kayaked on Lake Blessington and visited the pool at least once a day. It was sunny and warm and a perfect getaway.

The balcony of the cafe

This trip was a little different, but still wonderful. Being earlier in the season, it was very quiet at Avon Ri. This meant however, that we had the pool all to ourselves most of the time. Because it was quite a bit colder than last time, we didn't venture down the greenway or onto the lake this time. We still had a nice relaxing break, in peaceful tranquility, surrounded by beautiful scenery, in a house more spacious than our home in the city center! What's more, is that though the kids were on break, I was not. So I commuted into the city!!

The pool (jacuzzi, sauna and steam room) all to ourselves

I got a taste of the commuter lifestyle, and I can tell you I am seriously tempted. Half the drive (the Wicklow part) was lovely with winding country roads, little traffic and beautiful scenery. The second half, well, that was typical Dublin City traffic. Not so fun. But, I would seriously consider doing it regularly (if I were the one with the regular schedule, that is) in order to have more space and live in the beautiful Irish countryside!

Waking up to a frosty morning

We love Avon Ri and are seriously considering a week there in the summer!

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