Monday, August 15, 2016

Denmark- day 2 : Lalandia and Aquadome

Day two commences with an early rise, a buffet breakfast at our hotel in Kolding, followed by a 40 minute drive to Billund, our destination for the next few days. Once again, I enjoy the burnt golds and deep reds of the landscape along our drive.

Lalandia is a kind of holiday 'resort' right next to Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Though we have been to Legoland in San Diego many times, the original park and home of the Lego factory has been J's zenith for a long, long time. Seeing as there were no rooms available in the Legoland hotel, Lalandia seemed like the next best thing on this pilgrimage (and from looking at the photos, this is some consolation prize!)

With a self-catering cabin reserved for two nights, we roll up to Lalandia at 10am. Though we can't check in til 3pm, we have access to the Aquadome and Monky Tonky land from 10am.

My first impression of Lalandia is that we have hit Vegas for kids. The interior is just like the Venetian hotel with fake skies and mock buildings. Though this type of thing is not exactly my cup of tea, the kids' excitement is infectious. (They have not been to Vegas, so aside from other theme parks, this type of thing is quite novel, particularly for a hotel.)

Lately, I am becoming acutely aware, as I see my children approaching my height and their impending teens, that the clock is ticking on this kind of amusement. That may be a good thing, I can just hear some of you say, but I am happy to share this with them as I know it probably won't be long before their interests shift and they will no longer be excited by such 'simple'  pleasures (and sharing them with mum and dad nonetheless.) Incidentally, I have been telling them that I think they, like me, might actually enjoy the city break exploration even more than this front-ended 'kid-stuff.' We will soon find out.

So, Aquadome is our destination for the day. Billed as Scandinavia's largest indoor waterpark, this is another plastic-fantastic playground of pools and waterslides and mock beaches. I am completely OK with this! I don't think there is an actual beach in the world I can spend five mid-day hours on without frying some part of my (or my kids') body to a purple crisp. Having spent 32 years in Los Angeles desperately trying to escape the sun and heat, this plastic beach experience suits me just fine. Also, the water is warm! Can't say that about los Angeles beaches either.

Another thing I really like about this place, is that most of the women, all ages, shapes, sizes and varieties are wearing bikinis (so maybe not captured in my photo, but seriously, I spent most of the day happily people-watching.) Here, this is not the sole 'privilege' (or should I say comfort) of the taught-teen or yummie-mummy. I like my children (and me) being in an environment where bodies appear varied, normal and equal (fascinating people watching!)

After a day at the proverbial beach, we get the keys to our cabin, a lovely, immaculate, scandi-chic, 2 bedroom cottage in an immense estate of similar, but varied holiday homes. We love the simplicity, order and efficiency of our temporary abode and settle in for the evening with a dinner of rye bread, pickled herring and a requisite Carlsberg beer.  (*though I usually avoid gluten and grains in general, when I travel or visit someone's home, I like to eat like a native and try everything new. My general dietary practices seem to support occasional deviation.)

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