Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Denmark - Egeskov castle

With the first half of our holiday behind us, we set off in our rental car for Copenhagen. We decide to make a stop along the way at Egeskov castle, as its about halfway between Billund and Copenhagen.

We had perfect weather, as seems to be the norm on this trip!

Egeskov is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe. Before heading inside, though, we had a wonderful time exploring the grounds and gardens.

There were even extensive hidden playgrounds and treetop bridges.

a quick trip to the loo before heading inside (check out the sign!)....

Then a quick peek at an exhibition of shoes and clothes before heading into the actual castle itself...

and then of course, a look inside the castle (complete with 500 year old mannequins and all, JK)...

a massive dollhouse with all the contents...

and a toy museum in the attic.

A lovely pitstop en route to Copenhagen, but alas its time to move on. So long Egeskov.

Next up, Copenhagen!

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